A Ketua Kampung is a familiar post in Bruneian community that carry the task of community's leader and as a mediator between the government and community. A Ketua Kampung need to work hard to ensure and strengthen a harmonious and solidarity among the community from time to time. Awang Mohamad Khairul Shahrul bin Haji Duahim, Acting Temburong District Officer stated these matter during the voting and selection of Ketua Kampung Amo, yesterday morning.

Awang Mohamad Khairul Shahrul added that a Ketua Kampung must have far-sighted vision and a positive thinking, so they can guide the residents in developing the village. He also urged the village residents to be more active in village development.

Among those present was Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Emran bin Haji Sabtu, Member of the Legislative Council. The single candidate, 53 year-old Awang Hujan anak Muit has been Ketua Kampung Amo for almost 10 years since 2008. He previously worked at the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation, JASTRe and Temburong District Office. Kampung Amo has a total population of over 500 people.

Source: Radio Television Brunei