More than 975 thousand international visitor arrivals were recorded to Brunei Darussalam through Immigration control posts, in addition to the total number of tourist arrivals by air for the first quarter of 2018.

According to statistics released by the Tourism Development Department, the main purpose of visit to Brunei Darussalam is for leisure and holiday purposes with a 48.8 percent share. About 12.7 percent of tourists were on transit in Brunei Darussalam, while 12 percent visited for business purposes, followed by Visiting Friends and Relatives at 8.9 percent, Government visits at 2.7 percent, Exhibition at 0.5 percent, others at 10.6 percent and Not Specified with a 3.7 percent share.

China and Malaysia remained as the main contributors for the leisure and holiday market with a 46.5 percent and 13.7 percent share respectively.

The average length of stay for hotels in the first quarter of this year was 2.4 days compared to 2.2 days over the same period last year. Meanwhile, the average hotel occupancy rate was 35.9 percent compared to 38 percent in the first quarter of last year.

For accommodations in the first quarter of 2018, there were a total of 88 establishments ranging from luxury resorts, international standard hotels, business standards, budgets, lodgings, apartments, guest houses and homestays. The total number of hotels, resort and apartments are 51, followed by 16 homestays, 18 guest houses and 3 government guest houses. Meanwhile, the total number of rooms and beds available were 4 thousand 419 rooms and 6 thousand 320 beds. In the first quarter of 2017, the total number of establishments was recorded at 83, with 4 thousand 311 rooms and 5 thousand 777 beds. Meanwhile, the total number of registered travel agents under the Tourism Development Department was 59 establishments.

Source:: Radio Television Brunei