The Malay Technology Museum in Kota Batu and the Royal Regalia Museum in the capital became the highlight of a visit by the participants of the Brunei Darussalam and Republic of Korea Youth Exchange Programme.

The 10-member group was led by Kang Dongkeun, Officer at the Ministry of Gender, Equality and Family of the Republic of Korea. During the visit, the group was exposed on the country's heritage found in the Malay Technology Museum in Jalan Kota Batu. The Museum was officially opened on the 29th of February 1988 which showcased various types of traditional technology used by the country's local residents.

Meanwhile at the Royal Regalia Museum, the students had the opportunity to see the Royal Regalia collections which inherited from generation to generation. The participants of the Bilateral Youth Exchange Programme between Brunei Darussalam and Republic of Korea will be in the country until this Wednesday.

Source:: Radio Television Brunei