Kampung Putat Herbal Recreation Park becomes a platform for improving the local resident's knowledge regarding various herbal plants type that has medical value, aside from providing a recreational area for visitors. Yesterday afternoon, the park attracts visit from participant that is taking part in the Brunei Darussalam and Republic of Korea Bilateral Youth Exchange Programme.

The group was briefed on Herbal Park that produced various plants in the Kampung. The participants also take a closer look on the traditional games such as kuit dan top spinning. Apart from that, a demonstration of local product making produced by the kampung also shown. The Kampung Putat Herbal Recreational Park is a joint venture of the Kampung Putat Consultative Council and Environment, Park and Recreational Department that aimed to develop it as one of eco-tourism destination which can contribute to the village resident's additional income and economy.

Source: Radio Television Brunei