The Wildlife Roadshow Programme is an effective method in instilling and nurturing public awareness and clearly reflects the commitment to ensure the management and protection of the country's natural treasure, especially its wildlife is given the proper attention. Yesterday morning, the first session of the programme was held for government and private secondary schools in the Brunei Muara District.

More than 100 students from Sayydina Husain, Awang Semaun, Sayiddina Hasan and Sayyidina Umar Al-Khattab secondary schools attended the session. The Wildlife Division briefed them on the function and role of the Biodiversity Research and Innovation Division as well on the Heart of Borneo and Biodiversity in the country. Also at the session, Brunei Methanol Sendirian Berhad delivered a briefing on the environment, highlighting issues such as the usage of plastic and others. Another briefing on the diverse species in the country's forests was delivered by the Biodiversity and Natural History Society- BRUWILD. The programme is co-organised by the Wildlife Division at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism and Brunei Methanol Sendirian Berhad. In attendance was Awang Mohamed Jais bin Haji Abdul Rahman, the Acting Director of Co-curriculum Education.

Source: Radio Television Brunei