A premise in Brunei Muara District that is suspected to be selling a number of anabolic steroid products was raided in a joint operation conducted by three enforcement agencies namely the Royal Brunei Police Force, the Customs and Excise Department, and the Pharmaceutical Services Department, Ministry of Health. The products are Stallion Anabolic Equipose 300; Stallion Anabolic Winstrol 100; Stallion Anabolic Masteron 100; Stallion Anabolic Anavar 100; Stallion Anabolic Sustanon 300; Stallion Anabolic Enanthate 300; and Stallion Anabolic Cypionate 300.

During the raid, a type of medicine to treat obesity, Xenical 120 milligrams capsule; a medicine to treat high blood pressure, Fusik 50 milligrams and an anti-cancer medicine Stallion Anabolic Nolradex 20 were also confiscated by the Royal Brunei Police for legal action. Members of the public who have purchased or used the products are advised to stop using them immediately. If feeling unwell or experiencing any undesirable reactions after using them, the public should also see the doctor immediately.

Anabolic steroid is a synthetic androgen whose chemical structure and functions are almost similar to those of a man’s hormone namely testosterone. It is usually used by a number of athletes to boost their energy performance. In Brunei Darussalam, anabolic steroids are classified as medicines that are controlled under the Medicines Order 2007. Consuming such product requires prescription and monitoring by doctors. The Ministry of Health stressed that it is an offence under Section 10 of the Medicines Order 2007 for selling such products without valid licence. The penalty upon conviction is a fine of not more than 5 thousand dollars or imprisonment of not more than 2 years or both.

For more information, contact the Pharmacy Enforcement Section at 2393298 extension 208; or send an email to pharmacy.enforcement@moh.gov.bn; or directly see the Pharmacy Enforcement Section Officer at 1st Floor of the Pharmacy Services Department, Kg Madaras, Mukim Gadong A; or call Talian Darussalam at 123.

Source: Radio Television Brunei