The Ministry of Health would like to alert members of the public not to use 6 types of cosmetic products from Malaysia that have been found to be adulterated with undeclared, potent western medicine. The tests were carried out by the Laboratory of Pharmacy Section, Department of Scientific Services, Ministry of Health. The affected cosmetic products are:

* Nouvelles Visages, NV Anti Blemish Toner 2, For Beautiful and Younger Looking Skin;

* Mewangi, Putih, Anjal, Gebu, Cantik, Menawan Krim Penaik Seri 7 Bunga - Night Cream,

Both contain Hydroquinone

* ALMAS Product, Cantik, Cerah, Gebu, Krim Kunyit contains Mercury;

* ALMAS Product, Cantik, Cerah, Gebu, Krim Jeragat contains Hydroquinone.

Meanwhile, *Deeja Product, Keayuan Semula Jadi, Dream Cream contains Hydroquinone

* Deeja Product, Keayuan Semula Jadi, Wrinkle Cream contains Mercury

Unsupervised use of Hydroquinone may cause skin hypersensitivity, skin discoloration resulting in gradual darkening of the affected skin area and an increased risk of skin cancer. Meanwhile exposure to mercury can cause skin rashes, memory loss and muscle weakness while high exposures may result in damage to the brain and kidneys. It is also extremely toxic to unborn children.

For further information and communication, the public may contact the Compliance and Licensing Section at 2393298 extension 208 or send an e-mail to '' or call the Talian Darussalam 123.

Source: Radio Television Brunei