In this period, knowledge can be gained through new media namely the internet and Info-Communication Technology, ICT. The technology has changed the human way of life. The Info-Communication Technology, basically is for one's convenience. If it is used with a good intention it will bring benefit and prosperity to life. However, according to yesterday's Khutbah Jumaat or Friday Sermon, if it is misused it will be futile and a lost. Hence, the Muslims ummah need to be aware on the usage as the facility offers vast, fast and easy information and knowledge. Today's Friday Sermon touched on 'Menggunakan Teknologi Maklumat Dengan Bijaksana' or Using the Info-Communication Diligently.

The Imam or prayer leader said, however some people need to bear in mind that not all news, information or knowledge that went viral are correct and true. We need to be responsible on any news to be shared or disseminated by ensuring that the news are authentic and true so it will not bring false statement as it can cause confusion and hostility among the community and country. It is without doubt that some users have made the info-communication technology as a medium to express their unsatisfiedness and degrading others. Therefore, as a diligent user, we need to use the technology wiser.

Source: Radio Television Brunei