Monitoring on infectious or communicable diseases conducted by the Ministry of Health has shown an increase in Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) infections in a neighbouring country in the last few weeks. The neighbouring country also reported the death of a child suspected to be infected by the disease.

In its media release today, the Ministry of Health said the overall number of HFMD infections in Brunei Darussalam since early this year is stable.

This year, from 1 January to 28 July the total number of cases reported in the country was 297 compared to 1,968 cases during the same period in 2017. Sixty four percent of the cases reported in Brunei Darussalam were among children who are five years and below. No death or fatality due to the disease has been reported in the country since 2006.

Members of the public are reminded to take precautionary, HFMD infection prevention and risk reducing measures such as:-

**Washing hands with clean water and using liquid hand wash or soap after using the toilet, before meals or preparing food, after changing diapers or doing any household chores.

**Maintain cleanliness around the house, child-care centres and schools.

** Do not send infected children to school to prevent infecting other children. Do not bring children to public places such as supermarkets, shopping complexes, playgrounds and swimming pools.

** Clean and disinfect polluted surfaces including toys. Do not share personal belongings such as tooth brushes, handkerchiefs, towels, blankets, cups, forks and spoons.

Parents and guardians are advised to take their children to the nearby health centre or hospital quickly on detecting symptoms of the disease.

Source: Radio Television Brunei