A number of roads in the Tutong District will be under supervision for the fireworks display in conjunction with the Royal Birthday Celebration this Saturday.

The roads will be under supervision from 5.45 in the afternoon until the event is over. Among the roads under supervision are:

-Jalan Enche Awang near Simpang 6 in front of O.G. Complex building

-the road behind Enche Awang Building in Tutong Town

-Jalan Menteri Taib

-Jalan Tutong nearby Jalan Penyurat Abu Bakar

The Royal Brunei Police Force advises the public to adhere to instructions given by police personnel on duty throughout the event, as well as not to park their vehicles in areas that can obstruct traffic. In this regard, the public are also not permitted to park their vehicles in non-parking areas and ensure their vehicles are secured before leaving them, as well as not to leave valuables in the vehicles.

Source: Radio Television Brunei