The construction of the Ulu Tutong Golden Jubilee Dam is another development milestone which aims to fulfil water supply needs in the country. The new dam provides added value to the Benutan Dam to ensure a more efficient production and management of water resources.

The new dam is the largest in Brunei Darussalam and its construction was carried out under the 8th National Development Plan, NDP. Construction for the dam began in February 2010 at a cost of 85.5 million dollars. Water catchment reserve for the dam started in March 2016, while the dam began full operations in June last year.

The main scopes of the project includes construction works for the 22-kilometre entry and exit road for the dam, and the dam's Crest, which stretches 42 metres high and measures 400 metres in length. The dam's spillway measures 300 metres long and 40-metres wide, while the Drawoff tower which houses the inlet pipes on the water reserve's side, and a 300-metre tunnel located under the dam's Crest. Apart from that, the work scope also included electrical installation and mechanical works. The area used for raw water reserve is around 6.7 kilometres squared, with a catchment area of 108 kilometres squared. According to Pengiran Mohd Zaki bin Pengiran Haji Ibrahim, Acting Senior Water Engineer, Water Services Department, Public Works Department, the main function of the dam is to supplement the water supply when the water level in Tutong River is low especially during the dry season. The new dam together with Benutan Dam which has a capacity of 50 million cubic metres and also the Barrage located at Tutong River nearby Bukit Barun and Layong raw water pumping station will ensure a sufficient supply until 2035 based on the current water usage.

As a society, residents in the country need to be responsible in their water usage. A water-saving culture as well as avoiding wastage are vital to support the government's efforts in achieving a sustainable management of water resources.

Source: Radio Television Brunei