The Royal Brunei Police Force has investigated the two recent suicide cases involving locals, a 34 year old man and a 39 year old woman. During a media conference, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Awang Mohd Hassanul Fikhri bin Haji Abdullah, Criminal Investigation Officer of Brunei Muara Police District explained the investigations found ropes were used in both hanging suicides.

DSP Awang Muhammad Hassanul Fikhri said further investigations also found the two suicides were caused by depression and anxiety experienced by both the victims. Hence, the Royal Brunei Police Force again reminds the public, including relatives to show more care and be aware or sensitive of changes in behaviour such as depression, silence, daydreaming or restlessness affecting close family members. In such cases, the victims should be engaged in conversations or discussions very quickly. The police also reminds of the shared responsibility to seek a good alternative or solution, including seeking the appropriate counselling or treatment for the affected family member.

Source: Radio Television Brunei