The Department of Land Transport, JPD explains that the Road Traffic (Composition of Offences) Rules, 2016 which was enforced in February 2017 specifically involving related accident offences, which previously will be brought to the court, but have now become the compoundable offences. The rate of compound fine is not more than 50 dollars and not exceeding 500 dollars, according to the type of offences, before the case is brought to court. The explanation was released following a viral message in the social media application WhatsApp, saying "If the driver happens to use phone while driving, the charges are $1000 fine plus 6 months jail without an excuse. This happened since yesterday where one person got caught."

Under the Road Traffic Rules (Composition of Offence) 2016, the rate of compound fine and under the Road Traffic Act and Regulations 2013, the SiKAP Demirt Points for the offence of using a mobile phone while driving is:-

While the failure of the driver to obey the specified regulation for the offence of using a mobile phone while driving, the Demirt Points rule will be imposed as such:

First Offence: B$200 (Two Hundred Dollars) and 12 Demerit Points

Second Offence: B$400 (four Hundred Dolalrs) and 12 Demerit Points and three months suspension of driving license for qualified driver and one year cancellation of driving license for new driver.

Third Offence: Driver can be brought to court and if found guilty, fined not less than B$600 and not more than B$1000 and imprisoned for 6 months or both as well as imposed with 12 SiKAP Demerit Points.

Subsequent Offences: If found guilty, fined not more than B$2,000 and imprisonment of not more than 12 months as well as imposed with 12 Demerit Points.

For enquires visit the department or contact the Public Relations Unit, JPD at 2451980/82/84/85 during working hours, or visit JPD's website at and the Royal Brunei Police Force's website at JPD also welcomes the public to submit the related road traffic offences complaint by contacting the JPD Enforcement Section Hotline and Whatsapp Application through 6737292017 or Darussalam Whatsapp Application 6738333123.

Source: Radio Television Brunei