The opportunity to visit Istana NurulIman was fully utilised by all walks of life in the country to meet and convey Hari Raya greetings towards His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and members of the Royal Family.

Although Istana NurulIman is open to the public starting at 10 in the morning, visitors have already flooded the areas of Istana NurulIman as early as 8 in the morning. The visit gives the people within the country and overseas the opportunity to enter the areas of Istana NurulIman, an experience that is hardly found in other nations. The attentiveness in the management of the meet and junjungziarah ceremony can be seen clearly from the process of providing transportation, registration and reception. Visitors were provided transportation to specifically bring them to Istana NurulIman. Despite the large number of visitors present at the registration room, the management section remained efficient which allowed the registration session to run smoothly. Non-Muslims including tourists also did not miss the golden opportunity to visit Istana NurulIman.

As usual, visitors first gathered at other parts of Istana NurulIman to enjoy a variety of Hari Raya dishes before the meet and junjungziarah. Happiness clearly reflected at the faces of each visitor as they were given the opportunity to personally meet His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and members of the Royal Family.

Senior citizens were also among the visitors present at Istana NurulIman. What was special and unique was the attention, care and facilities provided for senior citizens. Before the meet and junjungziarah, a special room was provided for visitors to enjoy a meal. Some senior citizens were accompanied by their children and grandchildren, and this made a happy trip for them as they visit Istana NurulIman.

Tourists from abroad also took advantage of this special occasion. The 'Open Istana' concept is a unique experience for tourists as such opportunity is seldom found elsewhere.

The visit to Istana NurulIman will certainly be an oral tradition and sweet memory for every visitor. Visitors also did not leave empty-handed as they received souvenirs in the form of cakes, while children were given green packets filled with money.

Source: Radio Television Brunei