The rush for the Hari Raya preparation is now more evident than ever, especially during the last moments before the upcoming Day of Victory.

Shopping malls in the capital are filled with customers who are purchasing goods for the festive season. Apart from that, the public also have the opportunity to shop at discounted prices during Jualan Aneka Brunei 2018 that began since last month. At this time, department stores and supermarkets extended their business hours cater for last minute shoppers, and the roads leading to shopping centres are unusually congested.

Normally, people often make preparations and set Hari Raya decorations as a show of gratitude. However, not all items have to be brand new, and people are urged to celebrate Hari Raya according to their respective capabilities and in moderation. The arrival of Syawal will brings happiness upon the Muslim ummah, but the month of Ramadhan, a month that is full of blessings, will surely be missed.

Source: Radio Television Brunei