4 drivers out of 33 drivers from 25 transportation companies were found to be repeating the same road offences by the Enforcement Section of the Land Transport Department in operations conducted from the 5th to the 7th of June at the Telisai-Lumut Highway, Muara-Berakas Highway and Kuala Lurah.

The four drivers were issued 500-dollars compound for the same offences 4 times namely overloading. As a follow up, the Land Transport Department issued a notice to temporarily suspend their rental and hiring license for 3 months to transportation company owners where the drivers worked at.

Meanwhile, another driver was issued a 150-dollars compound and 12 SiKAP demerit points for the second offence namely driving without a valid license. Compounds and SiKAP demerit points are also issued for offences such as carrying load that exceeds the vehicle length, installing reflectors at inappropriate places, and bald tyres. Here is the list of offences found during the operation.

Source: Radio Television Brunei