The raw water quality in rivers has become increasingly more complex and laborious to treat due to recent flood activities around the Kuala Barun basin. According to the Public Works Department, due to the incident, the level of clean water production output has decreased.

To ensure that the final water quality for the public is not compromised, the department is continuously undertaking immense efforts to improve production output, whilst trying to avoid colour water from entering the water supply system. The Public Works Department assured that based on the routine monitoring in testing of water samples from several locations in Brunei-Muara and Tutong districts, the water supply still complies to the WHO Standard Requirement on Drinking Water, albeit a number of complaints on the coloured water have been received.

However, the preventive measures are actively being carried out and improved to ensure the consistency is within the set WHO Standard Requirement. In addition, flushing activities to rid the pipe networks of possible ingression of foreign water have also been undertaken continuously in substantial areas of both districts. As part of preventive measures, the public is reminded to boil their water specifically for drinking purposes.

Source: Radio Television Brunei