Ramadhan Kareem is coming to an end. The opportunity to achieve the blessings and rewards of this holy month is not to be miss. For those who work as a ship crew at the sea, being far away from family does not deter them from performing the third pillars of Islam. RTB crew take a closer look at the crew working onboard Brunei Gas Carriers who perform their duties in the month of Ramadhan.

For the junior crew, such new experience provide a different atmosphere. According to several crew, this kind of experience has strengthen their resolution to remain focus on their career even though they are far away from their families especially in this holy month.

For those who have experienced working on board of the ship, the month of Ramadan has become a synonym with their duties. According to them, being far from friends and family members has become a normal routine. Breaking of the fast and performing a mass tarawih together with the colleagues can foster relationship which reflects the unity of brotherhood amongst Muslims.

Being at the sea to perform their duty for the country is a huge sacrifice for the locals who work onboard. Their daily lives onboard are also filled with spiritual programmes. They also performed tadarus and tahlil ceremony to further glorify the holy month of Ramadan.

Source: Radio Television Brunei