Almost 60 compounds were issued by the Royal Brunei Police Force, while 3 cases under the Customs and Excise Department Act, 10 cases under the Land Transport Department Act, a case under Narcotic Control Bureau Act as well as one case under the Religious Enforcement Section Act were recorded during joint road blocks held simultaneously at several locations in the four districts LAST NIGHT. The 'Operasi Balik Kampung' was held in conjunction with the coming Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebration.

The operation was organised by the Traffic Control and Investigation Department, Royal Brunei Police Force with the involvement of the districts police as well as law enforcement agencies consisting the Land Transport Department, Royal Customs and Excise Department, Narcotics Control Bureau, Immigration and National Registration Department, Officers from the Attorney General's Chamber and Religious Enforcement section.

In the Brunei Muara District, the operation targeted two separate locations around Kuala Lurah and Tanah Jambu, Muara-Tutong Highway. The operation was led by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Awang Hamri Aslan bin Haji Abu Hanafiah, Acting Head of Operations and Enforcement Division; and Assistant Superintendent of Police, Pengiran Omar Ali bin Pengiran Haji Manshor, Head of Enforcement Unit, Traffic Control and Investigation Department and Deputy Superintendent of Police, Suziyanti bt Haji Ahmad, Brunei Muara District Traffic Investigation Officer.

In Tutong District, the roadblocks focused on areas of Jalan Kupang near the Kilometre 28 Police Post and the area in front of Pengiran Muda Abdul Wakeel Mosque in Kampung Kiudang. The joint operations was led by Inspector Ahmad Faez bin Haji Mohd Hani, Assistant Officer In-Charge of Tutong Police Station and Inspector Muhd Zulfadli bin Haji Yusof, Officer In-charge of Lamunin Police Station.

Meanwhile in Belait District, the joint operation was led by Chief Inspector Rosli Bin Haji Tuming, Assistant Investigation and Traffic Officer of Belait Police District. The operation targeted the area in front of the Pedalaman Sungai Tujuh Container Depot, Kuala Belait Port Department.

The 'Operasi 'Balik Kampong' in Temburong District was conducted by the Police and law enforcement agencies at the Ujong Jalan Control and Inspection Post Complex. It was led by Inspector Alif Nur Khaliq bin Haji Mat Rasil, Acting Officer In-charge of Bangar Police Station. The joint operation also involved 182 officers and personnel from all the agencies involved. The main objective of the operation was to ensure laws are enforced and obeyed in order to curb, detect and stem crime on the roads and traffic offences.

Source: Radio Television Brunei