The last ten nights of Ramadhan is enlivened with various religious activities. In these final nights, Muslims will be rewarded by Allah the Almighty with a night full of enlightenment called Lailatur Qadar or the Night of Decree. In earning multitudes of deeds than a thousand nights, yesterday morning, Pengiran Muda 'Abdul Mateen Mosque in Kampung Mulaut carried out Qiamullail or performing prayer in the late night.

The religious programme began with Sunat Iftitah Prayer, followed with Sunat Taubat, Tahajjud and Tasbih Prayer. Among other benefits of the qiamullail is to earn rewards for safe passage to heaven and obtained a position as a true Muslim from Allah the Almighty. Apart from that, Qiamullail also can eliminate sins and bring one closer to Allah the Almighty.

Source: Radio Television Brunei