Two drivers from two companies were issued with compounds for a number of offences. A driver from Tienteng Forwarding was issued a 500-dollars compound for repeating the same offence for the fourth time namely overloading.

Meanwhile, another driver from N.S.J.Y Trading Company was given four compounds for 4 offences. The driver was issued a 50-dollar compound for failing to install light reflectors, another 50-dollars compound for using unsuitable vehicle, and another 50-dollar compound as well as 6 SiKAP demerit points for bald tyres, and a 100-dollar compound for carrying load that exceeds the vehicle. 16 drivers from 14 transportation companies have been issued compounds ranging from 50 to 500 dollars during operations conducted by the Land Transport Department from the 28th of May to the 4th of this month at several roads in the country for offences under the Road Traffic Act. This includes overloading, failing to light reflectors, and parking the vehicle at restricted areas.

The operation aims to ensure that transportation companies and their drivers abide by the Road Traffic Act, and remind drivers on the importance of practising safe driving and making sure that their vehicles are in safe condition. For any complaints, call the Land Transport Department's Enforcement Section Hotline and the Land Transport Department's Whatsapp at 7292017 or Talian Darussalam's Whatsapp at 8333123.

Source: Radio Television Brunei