The Department of Investigation and Traffic Control, of the Royal Brunei Police Force last night have carried out road blocks in several separate locations in the Brunei and Muara District. The locations were Kuala Lurah, the Tungku Link Highway towards Jerudong, the Muara Tutong Highway towards Muara and Jalan Kebangsaan area towards Sungai Akar.

The operations involving 45 personnels of the Department of Investigation and Traffic Control led by Assistant Superintendent of Police, Pengiran Omar Ali Bin Pengiran Haji Manshor, Head of Enforcement Unit of the Department of Investigation and Traffic Control. During the operation, 13 fined compounds were issued to drivers that violating the Road Traffic Offence Act. The objective of the operations was to carry out safety checks in order to prevent crime while reminding road users on the importance of safety and Road Traffic Regulations that must be obeyed. The Royal Brunei Police Force will always monitor and raise awareness to all road users to be more cautious and considerate.

Source: Radio Television Brunei