The Islamic Da'wah Centre has held Tadarus ceremonies with converts at several selected rural areas in the country. Last night one such ceremony was held at the Kampung Semabat Religious Hall in Temburong District. The activity was organised by the Converts Welfare Unit of the centre's Converts Development Division with the cooperation of the Islamic Da'wah Unit in Temburong.

Kampong Semabat in Mukim Batu Apoi is located 25 kilometres away from Bangar Town. Around 150 of its approximately 500 multi-racial villagers are Muslims. The Tadarus delegation was led by the Acting Assistant Director of the Islamic Da'wah Centre. Since 1956, Temburong District has seen a continued spreading and development of the Islamic Shi'ar or eminence. Statistics recorded by the Temburong Da'wah Unit showed 1,245 conversion ceremonies have taken place in the district between 1956 and 2017. From the begining of this year until this month, 10 people have embraced Islam in the district.

In showing care and attention towards the converts, the government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, through the Islamic Da'wah Centre, Ministry of Religious Affairs has been looking after the well-being and religious development of the converts. Awang Haji Hazimin bin Haji Metali, Religious Development Officer at Temburong District Da'wah Unit said among other things, the unit gives the necessary guidance to new converts. This includes a ten-day introduction to Islam followed by other guidance sessions. The Da'wah Unit also visits the converts' homes whenever it is suitable or appropriate.

Source: Radio Television Brunei