The Global Money Week 2018 is celebrated globally in March every year. It is a financial awareness week that is celebrated every year at the international level by 137 countries. The Curriculum Development Department, Ministry of Education has participated in the programme organised by Child and Youth Finance International, CYFI since 2013.

Global Money Week aims to instil an understanding and awareness on the importance of money and financial management, learn the concept and definition of finance, as well as provide an opportunity for networking on a global level to exchange ideas and share experiences. It also encourages the young generation to be involved in business as a source of income. Various activities have been lined up, including the $5 Care Package Activity which involves students and teachers from primary and secondary schools. Such an activity opens up an opportunity for cooperation with the National Education Institute, Singapore in providing a platform for students from the two countries to interact and exchange information.

Indirectly, the $5 Care Package Activity also teaches students to be wise when spending money and to be prudent in spending.

Source: Radio Television Brunei