The Jualan Aneka Brunei 2018 is currently taking place in the country by offering cheap and reasonable prices. The annual national sales event is organised by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE), through the Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs.

The Jualan Aneka Brunei 2018 is held nationwide for 54 days starting from the 9th of May until the 1st of July. 375 shops from 173 business companies are taking part in the Sales event. All participants of the Jualan Aneka Brunei 2018 will offer a minimum of 20 percent discount, and 50 percent of their stocks showcased at their premises. However, participants are encouraged to give better, more creative and attractive offers to attract more customers to shop at their premises. During the period of Jualan Aneka Brunei 2018 as per regulation 9(1) of the Price Control (Cheap Sale Price) Regulations 2012, all items on discount are required to be clearly and appropriately price tagged. Participants also need to display clearly the participation note from JPKE at their respective business premises.

Participating businesses will be offered an added platform through "SmartConsumer" mobile application to advertise their offers to generate increased sales. The "SmartConsumer" application can be downloaded free on Apple Store and Google Playstore. Jualan Aneka Brunei 2018 is hoped to contribute towards increasing the country's economic activities by encouraging in-country spending through sales events, as well as attracting the public to shop in the country especially during the festive season. Jualan Aneka Brunei 2018 will also contribute towards the increase in sales and reduce the flow of money outside the country, while also providing the chance for the public to shop at discounted prices, encourage competition for goods prices and attract tourists to spend in the country. However, the public is advised to spend wisely on only the things they need to avoid wastage.

Source: Radio Television Brunei