Any person who drive under the influence of alcohol or drug, in such a state that the person lost control of his or her vehicle, is considered as committing an offence which carries a fine of 10-thousand dollars and two years' imprisonment. If the person commits a second and subsequent offence, the fine is increased to 20-thousand dollars and imprison for four years.

Speaking at a media conference, Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal bin Pengiran Haji Mahmud, the Acting Director of the Land Transport Department, explained about the regulations. Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal said that under the Demerit Point Regulations, a person who drive under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substance will be deducted 18 points from the SIKAP System. If a driver causes a road accident resulting in the death of other road user, 24 Demerit Point will be deducted and his driving licence will be suspended for a year, as per court's order. According to Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal, until April this year, four cases of drunk-driving and consuming intoxicating substance have been recorded by the Investigation and Traffic Control Department of the Police Force. From the number, three cases caused two deaths and another injured. Meanwhile, a person was detained during a road block at the Berakas-Jerudong Highway.

During the road safety campaign from January until April this year, 69 summons and 7-thousand 605 compound fines were issued. From the figure, a person was detained for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Source: Radio Television Brunei