The Radio Service of Radio Television Brunei, RTB is currently hosting the Budaya Tiga Serumpun programme that was established between RTB, Radio Television Malaysia, RTM and Radio Republik Indonesia, RRI last year. Through the Memorandum of Understanding argeed in 2006, a number of programmes have been produced jointly by the three networks. Budaya Tiga Serumpun represents the three nations sharing similar a culture. Yesterday morning saw the recording of two Berbalas Pantun or Quatrain Exchange Programmes carrying the Aidil Fitri and community themes.

The implementation of the Berbalas Pantun Programmes are part of efforts to preserve the culture inherited by the Malays in the Nusantara or Malay Archipelago. Apart from that it also presents the value and purity of the Pantun or quatrain with its beautiful language and philosophy. The cooperation among the three broadcasting stations is hoped to transform into a platform for maintaining and preserving the cultural traditions of the Malays, sharing knowledge and activities, enhancing broadcasting quality as well as fostering solidarity.

Source: Radio Television Brunei