The Informative Society Programme is an avenue for the Information Department to disseminate official information pertaining to the government policies for the society's understanding, and support through briefings, dialogues and visits. Yesterday morning, the programme resumed with a visit to a prawn rearing company located at Kampung Mentiri National Housing Scheme.

Helif Aquaculture Sendirian Berhad Mentiri is a local and Malaysian joint-venture company, and has 17 ponds with an areas of 16 hectares for rearing rostrich prawn. In 2016, the company has produced 268 point 4 metric tonnes of rostrich prawns, an increase of 54 point 4 metric tonnes from the previous year. Currently, the product has penetrated the international market, including Australia, United States, China, Japan and Korea. Over 31 participant took part in the visit, including Kampung Penanjong Consulative Council members and residents.

Source: Radio Television Brunei