Two companies were fined under the Minor Offences Act Chapter 30 Paragraph 12(1) for dumping rubbish at public and non-specified areas in a routine cleanliness inspection carried out by the Law enforcement Section of the Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department at the Kampung Bunut dan Batu Bersurat.

Signflex Marketing was imposed with a compound fine of 500 dollars after found guilty of dumping construction waste and company rubbish at a public area in Kampung Batu Bersurat business area. While, Mountain Fresh Sdn Bhd, was given a compound fine of 200 dollars for dumping company waste at a public place. Both companies operated at Bunut Industrial Complex. The companies were given 7 days to settle the fine. If they fail to pay the fine, the companies can be brought to court. If found guilty, the companies will face a fine of one thousand dollars for the first offence, while subsequent offences will be fined 3 thousand dollars and imprisonment of not more than 3 months.

Members of the public and business premises are reminded not to throw or dump rubbish indiscriminately, particularly in public places, and are advised to maintain environmental cleanliness and health. Any complaints can be directed to 2244151 extension 127/ 253 or through the Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department's e-mail:

Source: Radio Television Brunei