The strength and harmony of a family institution can be clearly seen during the National Family Day celebration that took place yesterday morning. Such an event acted as a platform to further strengthen solidarity to unite the communities in the country.

Various activities were held to further enliven the celebration, including games for the whole family. The activities held from as early as 7.30 in the morning is hoped to instil closer ties within the family apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle. Participating the in the activities encourages the parents to spend time with their family members not only during special occasions, but also during normal days.

Bubble blowing is among the games that the children love to play with. Their happiness was as clear as day as they ran, jumped, crawled and chased the floating bubbles, while minding their own personal space as to not bump into other people. As they played, they also got to interact with their parents and siblings.

Among the children who were excited to play with the bubbles was 1-year-old Amar Waie bin Ikram. According to his mother, the National Family Day celebration can act as an avenue and catalyst for each family in the country to instil the spirit of appreciating family.

The family game 'Selipar Lipan' created by KESAN involved three family members. In the game, players at the front signals other players to move simultaneously to avoid falling over. Players also have to hold the other player's waist for more stability as they move.

Another attractive activity for the public is 'Musang Berjanggut' organised by the Community Wellbeing Council, MKM. For the game, participants have to separate green beans, red beans, clove and star anise in five minutes.

The coconut pulling activity using hula hoops also enlivened the National Family Day celebration.

The private sector also took part in the celebration held for the 7th time, including Telbru. For those who wish to keep their precious and unforgettable family moments, this was the best moment to take a photo at the studio in Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar 'Ali Saifuddien provided by Telbru.

Telbru also provided free Wi-Fi services for three hours during the celebration, as well as ice cream to the visitors.

The Wing Chun activity, derived from the Ip-man movie, organised by ZAKF Martial Arts Academy was also well-received by the visitors. One of Wing Chun members, Awang Zainal Tinggal shared the meaning of the said activity.

Autoriti Monetori Brunei Darussalam, AMBD, also conducted two attractive games for the visitors.

Since 2012, the first Sunday in May was declared as Family Day in recognition of the importance of family institution. The public's involvement especially families is hoped to achieve the celebration's objectives, which is one of the instrument to instil understanding on the importance of strengthening family institutions for solidarity and social stability and national resilience.

Source: Radio Television Brunei