The result for HECAS 2018 (1st Round) application to local higher education institutions, IPTA such as Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, Universiti Teknologi Brunei and Politeknik Brunei for the Academic Year 2018/2019.

Unsuccessful applicants who meet the entry requirement set by IPTA and wish to appeal are given 3 working days to send the hardcopy of the Letter of Appeal and related documents to the Admission Office of respective IPTA namely, Admission and Examination Office of the Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, Registrar and Secretary, Staff and Students Centre, Academic Registration Assistant of the Universiti Teknologi Brunei, Registrar and Secretary, Admission Registrar Assistant and Student's Record of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam and Politeknik Brunei Registrar.

Source: Radio Television Brunei