In the last five years since the first Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, DPPMB's World cafe dialogue, the country has seen significant developments on national strategies aimed at helping the business community. This include the introduction of Darussalam Enterprise in 2016, a statutory body established to nurture the Small and Medium Enterprises, SME, from start-up to growth and the launching of an SME bank early this year that enable SME's to access financial support. Doctor Haji Kamaruddin bin Dato Seri Paduka Haji Talib, President of Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry made the remark at the DPPMB 4th World Cafe 2018, held yesterday morning at Design and Technology Building in Anggerek Desa.

Doctor Haji Kamaruddin said the positive changes compelled DPPMB to continue the World Cafe as a platform to deliberate, share and explore possibilities concerning business matters, to build network with various chambers of commerce and industry, business associations and councils as well as advisory boards. He added, with a united stance among the Brunei business community, the Chamber are on the way to achieve some of the aspirations of 'One Business Voice', another platform that aims to unite the business community to move in unison when representing Brunei in the global market in pursuit of achieving the economic development objectives laid-out in Wawasan Brunei 2035.

Themed: 'Accomplishing the National Vision', DPPMB's 4th World Cafe Forum seeks to explore ways on how the public and private sector may better contribute to accomplishing the Wawasan Brunei 2035. The forum hopes to gather the collective views of the business community as a mechanism to craft the business direction of country's with inputs from the relevant government agencies and industry experts as a take-off point for discussion.

Source: Radio Television Brunei