Starting from last Tuesday, the Immigration and National Registration Department, has implemented the Drop Box services for application of new work visas for companies. The service aims to facilitate registered employment agencies to forward work visa applications without having to endure long periods of queues. To ensure successful implementation, the service will only be available at the department's receiving counter at the Labour Department headquarters.

According to Pengiran Noor Azimawati Binti Pengiran Haji Tengah, Chief Senior Immigration Officer, the service aims to ease registered employment agencies as it only requires a few procedures. Applicants only need to submit completed documents in a transparent zip folder, which is to be deposited into Counter 3 at the Labour Department headquarters and recording in the log book provided for submitted applications. Employment agencies can obtain the approval letter for work visa application at Counter 4 of the Labour Department headquarters within the Clients Charter period that is 4 working days excluding the date of the application's receipt.

The service is intended to ease the application process for work visas at the Immigration and National Registration Department. Speaking to RTB, a number of users welcomed the new service.

Source: Radio Television Brunei