Five compounds were issued to a number of locals and foreign nationals as well as a company in Kampung Sungai Kebun, Kampung Setia dan Kampong Bolkiah during a cleanliness operation called "Operasi Bersih Kampung Ayer". The operation which involved six enforcement agencies was led by the Brunei Muara District Department Enforcement Section.

A local man Shahlidin bin Haji Awang Ali @ Haji A.M. Ali and Edi Sontoya from Indonesia were each fined $100 for indiscriminate throwing of cigarette butts in a public place. Syarikat Awang Mohamed Khairuddin was given a $200 compound for throwing rubbish in a public place. A local man and an Indian national were each issued with $300 compounds for smoking in a prohibited area. They were given a week to settle the compounds, failing which legal action would be taken.


Source: Radio Television Brunei