In its 61st year of establishment, Radio Brunei has gone through various positive phases and transformation in efforts to carry out trust and responsibility. In this era, various technological growth have been experienced such as the internet, which has attracted the interest of the local community. The existence of online radio, has long been the latest trend for information dissemination, not only crossing borders but also globally. The Director of Radio Television Brunei, RTB, made the speech at the 61st Radio Services Celebration yesterday morning. The function was held at Dewan Raya RTB.

Touching on the importance strong, friendly and close relations between the community and listeners, in particular radio, Awang Haji Muhammad Suffian bin Haji Bungsu said that efforts to make a direct radio community, even through new media, is a positive step towards further strengthening connectivity between the government and the community. With the rapidly changing and challenging field of broadcasting which is filled with various expectations, broadcasters should possess integrity and high spirit to fulfil the desire and expectation of the society at all levels and ages. Broadcasters must also be wise in planning and be responsive as well as have the aspiration towards enhancing the quality of services, specifically in radio as a measure to bring the community and stakeholders closer. Broadcasters also need to be proactive, positive and progressive who act as drivers for change.

Radio Brunei Services began operations on the 2nd of May 1957. It was launched by Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Saadul Khairi Waddien. At the time, Radio Brunei's broadcast can be heard for only a few hours with a limited coverage, but now it has 5 radio channels with their own concepts and formats. On air 24 hours a day, it also can be heard throughout the world online, through portal and social media. Radio Brunei also plays its role as the government's medium between the government and the people.

Source: Radio Television Brunei