The search and rescue effort for a local male reported missing while fishing near Sungai Bubut, Kampung Telisai in the Tutong District continued yesterday.

Following the incident, authorities have opened an Incident Control Post, ICP at Telisai Recreation Park to assist in the search and rescue operation for the missing man. 28 year-old Awang Mohammad Haziq bin Haji Awang Harun was believed to have disappeared while fishing with a friend. The friend, Awang Mohd Hairol is safe.

According to Awang Mohd Hairol Azmi, their boat went out of control causing them to be thrown into Sungai Bubut in Telisai.

The search and rescue operation involved the Marine Police of the Royal Brunei Police Force, the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, the Fire and Rescue Department and Brunei Shell Petroleum's Search and Rescue Team.

Source: Radio Television Brunei