The water level monitoring in several areas in the Tutong District which were affected by flood following the recent heavy showers has decreased and roads are able to be used by ordinary cars and four wheel drive cars.

The roads are Jalan Keranching, Jalan Benutan, Jalan Panchong and Jalan Rambai-Kuala Ungar. Meanwhile, a truck from the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces is still operating in Jalan Belunu Kampung Layong to assist village residents who need for transportation in the area.

Relevant agency through the Tutong District Disaster Management Committee and Incident Order Post in Lamunin Fire Station with the collaboration of Penghulu Mukim, Heads of Village and members of the Village Consultative Council at the affected villages as well as Tutong District Volunteers will continue to monitor and remain prepare for any possibilities.

Source: Radio Television Brunei