Practicing moderation in life can help prevent oneself from being wasteful and extravagant. In spending, an individual needs to learn to prioritise needs over wants. Spending according to one's desires needs to be avoided as being wasteful in spending can invite other problems such as burdening the individual in debt. According to today's Friday Sermon, which focused on moderation in spending, trials not only come in the form of difficulties, but also include ease and blessings. Blessings that we receive at times can cause us to be oblivious and stray away from Allah Subhanahu Wataala. The Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam has also reminded us to make use of every blessing bestowed upon us in the best possible way.

In the sermon, the Imam or prayer leader said that one of the blessings that can cause a person to be oblivious is the blessing of assets. Islam has taught about ways of spending and managing assets correctly, as in Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, which are being moderate in spending, and not excessive or wasteful. The prayer leader went on to stress the importance of being wise in spending, practicing moderation and planning such as prioritising only things which are really needed, adopting a saving culture, and not lead a luxurious wasteful lifestyle, adding that Islam forbids and prohibits its followers from being wasteful.

Source: Radio Television Brunei