To mark the 40th anniversary of the National Road Safety Council, NSRC's establishment and the Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims 2017, mass Fardhu Asar and Sunat Hajat prayers, together with the recitation of Ratib Al-Attas were held yesterday afternoon. In the Brunei Muara district, the ceremony was held at the Brunei International Airport Surau.

Joining the congregants was Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Mustappa bin Haji Sirat, the Minister of Communications as the Advisor of the NSRC. It was the second such ceremony conducted this year, with the first being held simultaneously in the four districts in January. The ceremony among others, aimed to seek blessings from Allah Subahanahu Wataala for Brunei Darussalam to always be given protection especially for road users, as well as to raise public awareness about road safety.

Source: Radio Television Brunei