The participation of local entrepreneurs especially from Small and Medium enterprises in expos organised in the country, has clearly helped them to expand their business network with other entrepreneurs. Their participation in these expos also helps to provide exposure and promote the creative industry, as well as a potential opportunity that can be further explored by entrepreneurs. Several marketing agents in the country are actively helping to introduce small and medium entrepreneurs such as by providing various business platforms such as sales expos.

Battle Pro Marketing and Management Services, is among the companies actively helping local entrepreneurs market their products by organising expos at specific times of the year. In conjunction with the Brunei December Festival, the company has organised the second edition of the 'Yes Letop' expo. The year-end is seen as a platform for effective trading, provides convenience for the public to shop, as well as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to expand their business network.

The opportunity to introduce their respective products at a more conducive venue is one of the reasons for entrepreneurs choosing to take part in the expo, aside from providing healthy competition among entrepreneurs.

The opportunity to take part in the expo is taken not only by local entrepreneurs, but also by those from abroad. According to several foreign entrepreneurs, despite taking part in several expos in the country, their customer base continues to grow. It is also seen as an opportunity for them to link with stock agents.

Source: Radio Television Brunei