The country's school session or back to school for government and private primary and secondary schools to higher institute will begin early January 2018. With only a day left before the schools reopen, parents and guardians are still busy buying stationery and other school items for their children. Book stores are now the focus of parents and guardians to buy text books according to the list given by the schools respectively. RTB crew made a closer observation to several shops selling school necessities.

As early as this month, parents and guardians are seen busy making preparations of buying school text books and stationery. They take the effort to get the books and stationery earlier during the year-end holidays so they get everything the children need before the crowds get bigger. Moreover, government employees will receive their pay and bonus tomorrow and they will be on a buying spree to fulfil the schooling needs of their children.

The sales promotions and offers also give parents and guardians the opportunity to buy books and other items at affordable prices. This is the season when many shops and department stores offer Back To School sales. Such sales benefit the parents and guardians because of the discounts on items such as school uniforms, songkok, shoes and school bags. It is sort of a must for pupils, especially small children to begin the school year with new things such as school bags, shoes, pencil cases and others. Nowadays many parents and guardians are wiser and use good discretion so that their money is not wasted.

Source: Radio Television Brunei