The Small and Medium Entrepreneurship, SMEs has been identified as the pillar in the country's economic development asides from has the potential to contribute to the government's effort in diversifying the economy. One of the entrepreneurships that can be seen its improvement in the country is the food industry.

Dayang Ragadah binti Agus, has chosen the food industry as her source of income. It was not an easy decision to venture in such a field, however with the support and encouragement from her parents, the young entrepreneur is able to start up a grill and barbecue business.

Relentless effort together with the proper marketing strategy, all challenges in the business world can be overcome. According to Dayang Ragadah, competition in business is vital to continue producing quality product that can fulfil the public's expectation.

The spirit of 'Berkarih, Berjarih and Belurih' or Willingness, Hard work and Achieve shown by Dayang Ragadah can be set as an example to the others to grab on every opportunity and not to solely depends on the government. It is timely for the youth to realise that they need to be more pro-active in which they will be able to make a meaningful contribution towards the government's effort in diversifying the economy.

Source: Radio Television Brunei