Notice is hereby given to all registered land owners and clients of the Land Department, Ministry of Development whereby as per the department's observations, there are still Land Transfer applicants who failed to execute the Memorandum of Transfer (MOT). With regards to this, effective 2nd January 2018 several changes are to be implemented for any land transfer applications.

Current practice allow applicants to execute Memorandum of Transfer, MOT 3 days after submitting land transfer's application through online LARIS ( and upon receiving application acceptance acknowledgement without prior agreement notification letter from the Land Department. Subsequent to that, such applications will only be submitted to relevant authorities after MOT has been executed.

Land transfer applicants that failed to execute the Memorandum of Transfer, MOT within 21 days commencing after 3 days of receiving application acceptance acknowledgement, shall be cancelled automatically without notice. Any applicants who wishes to continue should submit a new application. Pending applications are given grace period to execute MOT up until the commencement of these changes. Failure to do so will result the cancellation of such application without notice. With regards to the above, concerned land owners and clients of the Land Department, Ministry of Development are invited to the Registration Section of the Land Department for lands located in the Brunei and Muara district as well as respective district land offices for the said purpose.

The opening hours of the Land Department's Service Counters at the Registration Section are during working hours starting 8.00 until 11.30 in the morning. In the afternoon the counters will be opened from 2.00 until 3.30. Meanwhile, the Land Department's service counters in the Tutong, Belait and Temburong districts will be opened from 8.00 until 11.30 in the morning and in the afternoon from 1.45 until 3.30.

Source: Radio Television Brunei