Temburong District possesses a variety of unique village products with potential to be developed as 1 Village, 1 Product or 1K1P items. The district is also often visited by people from other districts and tourists. 40 members of the Brunei Kedayan Malays Association or Pemedayan led Zainal Abidin bin Tinggal, the association's President visited Temburong today.

During the visit, the delegation had the opportunity to witness the process of producing ambulong from sago which is one of the 1K1P products of Kampong Batu Apoi residents. There also a demonstration on making the local Kuih Jala at the Kampong Amo 'B' Longhouse in Mukim Amo.

In the afternoon, the visitors visited an egg producing enterprise owned by Kampung Puni Consultative Council. The project started IN October 2009. The activities in the district like in other districts are in response to the call by His Majesty's government for mukim and villages to conduct their own business activities.

The visit was one of the association's activities during the school holidays. The aim was to gain more knowledge and experience, to know Temburong District better as well as to promote the culture of being tourists in one's own country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei