In less than one week, intending haj pilgrims will perform the Wukuf in Arafah. Before the upcoming Wukuf, a revision session on the Haj Rituals was held to further improve the intending pilgrim's knowledge on the haj.

Recently, the Straits Central Agencies, SCA Sendirian Berhad organised a revision session for intending haj pilgrims residing at the Rayhaan Hotel. The revision, delivered by religious teachers and representatives of the country's haj management officer, focused on the haj journey and rules of haj. During the session, the intending pilgrims were also briefed on the stoning of Jamrah in Mina during Tashyrik days.

Meanwhile, Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad, DHSB held a tahlil and doa arwah ceremony for the late Allahyarham Awang Ali Yusof bin Haji Dulasim who passed away on Sunday, 20th of August in Madinah. Allahyarham was one of the pilgrims from the country under the DHSB haj package.

Source: Radio Television Brunei