Today's women are making various beautiful and appealing handicraft items. These creations which come with their own attractive patterns and colours are designed according to the women's own creativity. Research and experimentation, coupled with a deep interest in the field, enable them to produce something unique and interesting.

An entrepreneur from the Temburong District who is still active in paper flower arrangements shares her experience in this craft. Although the craft of paper flower arrangement is no longer popular as in the old days, for Dayang Julia, apart from them being easily arranged, paper flowers are also a good way to add appeal to a home's interior, provided that the colour and arrangement combinations are right.

Dayang Julia explained that these flowers, which are made from paper, will not last long if not looked after properly as they require care and attention. She also shared some tips to increase the flowers' durability, among them dipping and coating the flowers in candle wax and placing them away from windows to reduce exposure to heat.

Source: Radio Television Brunei